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Mole Removal Newport Beach, CA

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Are you looking for mole removal in Newport Beach?

Our state-of-the-art medical clinic in Newport Beach is staffed by skilled and knowledgeable surgeons who specialize in the removal of any unwanted moles, skin tags, or other skin lesions. We want all of our patients to discover their best skin and regain confidence.

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Scarless Skin Tag & Mole Removal Treatments. Our surgical team has developed the gold standard in mole removal so that our patients may benefit from nearly scarless results every time! Every treatment plan that you undergo is customized so that you will have the best results possible. It is important to note that individual results will vary depending on the mole’s size, location, color among other factors. We prefer to use the Radiofrequency Ablation treatment options because it allows the surgeon to precisely remove mole tissue and cells while minimizing any scarring. The surgeon is able to go deep enough under the skin to remove the mole cells and pigment but not too deep as to leave a large scar.

Additionally, our surgeons are able to precisely remove your moles with minimal to no damage to the surrounding tissue. This can be accomplished for all types of moles, raised moles, flesh colored moles, black moles, brown moles and even skin tags that may appear throughout the body. Our technique has proven more effective than mole excision, laser removal or freezing moles over our many years in medical practice. We encourage you to speak with our board certified team of surgeons so that we can curate a treatment plan that makes you feel renewed and confident again!

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Mole Removal Newport Beach FAQ

What is the cost of a mole removal procedure?2024-02-04T04:37:39+00:00

A cosmetic mole removal procedure at our Newport Beach office ranges in price. The price depends on the size of the mole, where the mole is located on one’s body and the amount of moles being removed. A starting range for the mole removal procedure is from $450 – $600. This price is not only for the procedure but also includes the consultation with our board-certified surgeon and aftercare products that help heal the areas faster.

Why do people remove their moles?2024-02-04T04:36:28+00:00

People decided to remove their moles due to various reasons, one being for health purposes. Moles, skin tags and other skin lesions can develop into severe diseases, such as skin cancer. Especially if the skin lesion is an odd color, like red or if it has recently appeared on the body. Another reason why people decide to get their moles removed is due to cosmetic reasons. A mole can be a big insecurity for some, especially if the mole is big and located on a prominent place of your face or body.

What makes Mole Removal Orange County different from other clinics?2024-02-04T04:34:19+00:00

What makes us different from other medical clinics or dermatologists is that we are a clinic that focuses solely on cosmetic mole removals and skin tag removals. We perform these procedures daily and have been for over 20 years. Our surgeon is highly skilled in removing moles and skin tags on all areas of the body and face with minimal to no scarring. What also makes us different from other clinics is the technique we use to remove moles. We have access to a premier technology called radiofrequency ablation, which is similar to a laser but better.

What technique is used to remove a mole at your clinic?2024-02-04T04:33:17+00:00

Our surgeon removes moles and skin tags using a premier technology called radiofrequency ablation, which is similar to a laser but better. This technique is not commonly used at other clinics or dermatologists because it can be difficult to get access to this technology. This premier technique allows our surgeon to effectively remove the mole at the root. This makes for minimal to no scarring and long lasting results.

Who is a candidate for a mole removal treatment2024-02-04T04:31:40+00:00

Anyone who wants to remove their mole is a candidate for mole removal. Whether you are deciding to remove your mole due to cosmetic reasons or health reasons, we are here to help. If you have any concerns you can visit our Newport Beach mole removal clinic and have a consultation with our surgeon. He can examine the mole and give you a definitive answer on what is the best way to treat your mole.

Patient Testimonials

“I had a fantastic experience at Mole Removal Orange County! The team was incredibly kind, and the procedure was quick. I was amazed at how they removed my mole with minimal scarring. You can’t tell that there was even a mole on my cheek to begin with! Deciding to remove the mole on my face was the best decision I could have ever made. I feel so much more confident and beautiful. I highly recommend this clinic for anyone considering mole removal!”

-Patient from Newport Beach

“Choosing Mole Removal Orange County was the best decision I made for my skin! The doctor and staff were attentive, and the clinic in Newport Beach is beautiful. The mole removal procedure exceeded my expectations! No scarring at all and it wasn’t painful! I’m happy with the results. If you’re looking for a skilled clinic for mole removal, this is the place to go!”

-Patient from Costa Mesa

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Every appointment is with a doctor

Consultations and procedures are always performed by a surgeon. You can even opt for same-day removal of your mole, skin tag or skin lesion. You’re in safe hands with our team!

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Painless treatment with scar-free results

Our latest medical technology allows us to perform precise procedures that are quick, efficient and produce little to no scarring with no downtime. You can return to work the same-day!

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    Learn More About Skin Tag & Mole Removal

    What Type of Moles Can Be Removed? We are pleased to announce that our team of surgeons and medical staff can remove many types of benign moles, skin tags, cherry angiomas and other skin lesions from throughout the human body. The most common type of moles we remove are raised moles that may occur anywhere on the body. These protruding or elevated moles are skin growths that appear above the surface of the skin and may often appear on your face, neck, chest, back, arms, legs and even feet. They may vary in size, color, shape and even contain hair follicles too. The most common color of raised moles we remove are black or brown colored. These moles tend to extend deeper into the skin because of the darker pigment and thus require a very delicate removal treatment. The second most common type of moles that we remove are flesh colored moles, or skin colored moles that closely match the color of the surrounding skin tissue. Even though these moles are skin tone colored, they often are raised and visible to the naked eye causing many patients to desire mole removal for these as well. The third most requested type of mole removal is for flat moles. These flat moles lay flat against the skin and may occur in various colors such as black, brown or something similar. These moles may be removed in the same safe and effective way as raised moles! Other types of skin lesions we remove are skin tags and cherry angiomas. These as well are good candidates for treatment at our specialty clinic!

    • Raised Moles
    • Flat Moles
    • Black and Brown Colored Moles
    • Flesh Colored Moles
    • Cherry Angiomas
    • Skin Tags
    • Other Skin Lesions

    Mole Removal Pricing, Costs and Insurance. Our medical clinic director and founders have worked extensively to make mole removal treatments affordable for all of our patients. There is usually a consultation fee which may vary depending on the clinic location and range from $50-$200. There is a consultation fee because patients are receiving a quality medical consultation and examination with one of our experienced surgeons, something that is invaluable! We want to fairly serve our patients as well as our surgeons who work so hard to keep us healthy. The treatment price will vary depending on the type of procedure, the type of moles removed and the volume of the moles removed as well. Most treatment plans will begin at approximately $400 and the final price will be determined in the office by my medical team and manager. We always do our best to accommodate a patient’s Flexible Spending Account (FSA) cards, Care Credit cards and other types of health insurance cards that may cover cosmetic treatments. Please contact our office directly to learn how we can best serve you!

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