Here at Mole Removal Orange County, we use the latest medical technology and most precise technique to offer all of our patients the best mole removal possible. With our technique, we are able to remove all types of moles safely and effectively. Our doctor specializes in removing moles and skin tags which allows us to provide our patients with the best care and results possible. Call and book a mole removal consultation today! (949) 755-0189

Learn More About Our Mole Removal Process

learn about the mole removal processWe do not excise, or shave off, the mole so there are no stitches needed and very little downtime is required. As long as you have had your mole for over a year, we are sure your mole is safe to remove. With every appointment, though, we do offer a skin cancer screening just to rule out any complications and to ensure the mole is safe to remove. Should there be anything found on the screening, the doctor will work with you to discuss the next steps. However, once the mole is deemed safe to remove, the doctor will answer any and all questions you may have to ensure you are making an informed decision. Our technique is extremely safe and allows us to remove both raised and flat moles. The procedure is always performed by our board-certified doctor who also has years of experience in this field. Patients are always seen by our doctor, never a physician’s assistant, so you can rest assured that you are in capable hands. While the process begins with you booking a consultation, should you choose to have the procedure the same day, you would only need to stay an additional 20 to 30 minutes for the procedure. The surgeon will administer a local anesthetic and then the procedure is quick and painless and this allows patients to return to their normal activities the same day! All patients are provided with thorough after care instructions and products to ensure the best results possible. In order to achieve scar-free mole removal, we ask that all patients follow the provided after-care instructions and if you have any questions, don’t be afraid to contact us.

While results may vary, our patients have stated that following the healing process, they cannot even tell that they had the procedure done. Between our precise and latest medical technology combined with our after care instructions and products, our mole removal is practically scar-free. Please check out our social media pages to see our successful before and after photos and read some patient testimonies. Call and book a mole removal consultation today! (949) 755-0189