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At our specialty medical clinic, surgeons partner with patients to safely remove unwanted moles, skin tags, and other skin lesions.

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Every person is beautiful and we want to help our patients regain their confidence again.

We are a medical clinic that specializes in mole, skin tag, and any kind of skin lesion removal.

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Welcome to Mole Removal Orange County. Most of our patients seek out our medical assistance because they have moles, skin tags, and other skin lesions that are affecting their confidence and overall health. Skin lesions can appear anywhere on the body and can cause severe irritation and pain. A woman could have a mole on her neck that gets easily irritated by the jewelry she wears. A man could be having a hard time shaving because he nicks the mole that is on his face. Our treatments are a great solution for safely removing unwanted skin lesions with minimal to no scarring. Whether you are seeking out treatments for medical or cosmetic reasons, our medical team is here to guide you through every step.

When visiting our medical clinic you always meet with the surgeon who will perform your treatment. At this initial consultation, the surgeon will examine your area of concern and discuss treatment options. The clinic manager will then talk with you about mole, skin tag, or skin lesions treatment costs. We work with you to put together an affordable treatment plan so that you can make the step towards a more healthy and confident skin. After the treatment our patients leave with recovery skincare to help the healing process.

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Skin cancer is everywhere. We want you to be informed about your healthcare.

Our patients’ health and safety is of the utmost importance. Moles, skin tags, and any type of skin lesions do have the potential of being cancerous. It is important to assure that the skin lesion is noncancerous before removing them. Patients visiting our medical clinic are always seen by a board-certified surgeon who precisely evaluates the mole, skin tag, or skin lesion before proceeding with any kind of treatment plan.

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We practice precision medicine so you get the best possible results.

Our surgeons use a state-of-the-art medical technology allowing them to precisely target and remove your unwanted moles, skin tags, and skin lesions. Treatments such as mole shaving or mole excision are outdated and often cause severe scarring. Our new highly advanced cosmetic technology leaves minimal to no scarring, resulting in an overall faster recovery.

When you visit Mole Removal Orange County you are visiting a specialty clinic devoted exclusively to mole removal.

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