Moles and Skin Tags are common skin growths that usually develop at childhood but can keep developing until the age of 40. An estimated 25% of adults in the US have skin tags. Most adults have anywhere between 10 to 40 moles on their bodies. Moles and skin tags can appear anywhere on the body, but are commonly found on the neck, upper chest, underarms and face. Each mole and skin tag are different in size, shape, and location. Hence, each mole and skin tag should be treated individually and with the highest care. Here at Mole Removal Orange County, we specialize in mole and skin tag removals. Call us today to schedule your scarless mole removal appointment: (949) 755- 0189

Learn More About Scarless Mole Removal & Skin Tag Removal

scarless mole removal orange countyThe health and safety of our patients is our priority. Which is why we always have our patients meet with the board- certified surgeon who performs the procedures first. This way the doctor can give an in-depth examination of the skin lesion and answer any questions or concerns a patient may have. Our mole removal and skin tag removal procedure is stitch-less, which reduces any chance of scarring and has an emphasis on a cosmetic outcome (results may vary). We use state-of-the-art radio frequency technology. This technology allows for the surgeon to remove the mole or skin tag at the root, ensuring they do not grow back. Other treatments commonly used at medical spas such as freezing the mole or cutting the mole led to severe scarring or chance for the mole to grow back. Our healing process is simple, we recommend that those we have been treated for mole and skin tag removals keep the area clean and dry for at least a week and to stay out of direct sunlight for a week. We follow a tiered pricing structure; the more moles or skin tags you get removed the less the cost will be. If you decide to get the procedure done, then the price of the consult will be accredited to the price of the procedure. We have three convenient locations in the Orange County area. Call us today to book your appointment (949) 755- 0189. Check out our Instagram for before and after pictures @moleremovalorangecounty.