Do you have an irritated mole or skin tag you would like to remove? We have three locations in the Orange County area, our Irvine office is a mere 24 minute drive from Anaheim. Give us a call today if you are looking for mole removal in Anaheim: (949) 264-0992

Learn More About Mole Removal Anaheim, CA

mole removal anaheimMole Removal Orange County is a clinic that specializes in mole and skin tag removals. Our board- certified surgeon performs these procedures on a daily basis. He is able to remove mole and skin tags on the face and body. Our procedures are quick, effective and cause minimal to no scarring (results may vary). We use the most advanced medical technology and skincare to treat our patients. When you book with us, you will first meet with the board- certified surgeon that performs the procedures. The surgeon will examine if the skin lesion is safe to remove, and answer any questions or concerns a patient may have. If you decide to get the treatment done, the fee of the consultation with our board- certified surgeon will be credited to the treatment fee. Most patients are able to get the procedure done the same day, after the initial consultation with our surgeon. We use state-of-the-art radio frequency technology, similar to a laser. Our technique and technology allow us to remove the mole or skin tag at the root, ensuring they do not grow back. After the procedure, we send out patients home with recovery skin care that helps the areas of the removals heal beautifully. Most patients are fully healed after 4-5 weeks, however it depends on the size of the mole and the location of where the mole was removed.

We follow a tiered- pricing structure, the more moles or skin tags you get removed the less the cost will be. Our mole removal procedures are considered cosmetic treatments, so we rarely accept medical insurance. However, we do offer a variety of payment plans and specials. Call our Irvine medical clinic to schedule your appointment today (949) 264-0992. Take a look at our Instagram (@moleremovalorangecounty) and our YouTube channel (Mole Removal Orange County) for before and after photos.

Mole Removal Anaheim FAQ

Can I remove my mole at home?
We highly recommend not using any at home mole removal kits or remedies. At home mole removal techniques are unsafe, ineffective and can lead to an infection or severe scarring. More importantly, moles have a potential of being cancerous which is why the mole must be examined by a medical professional before any treatment.

What makes Mole Removal Orange County different from other medical clinics?
Mole Removal Orange County is different from other clinics and dermatologists because we specialize in cosmetic mole removals and skin tag removals. Our surgeon performs these procedures daily, so you are getting the best care possible. We want to help our patients feel healthy & confident by removing any bothersome mole or skin tag.

What technique is used to remove the moles?
We are lucky to have access to the newest medical technology. Moles and Skin Tags are removed by using radio frequency ablation. This technique allows the surgeon to remove the mole at the root, no matter where the mole is located or how big it may be. This technique reduces any chance for the mole to grow back and decreases the chances of scarring.

How long is the healing process for mole removals?
The healing process for a mole removal is simple and can take anywhere from 1-2 weeks. We advise our patients to stay out of the sun for at least 3 days after the procedure. It is also important to keep the area dry and clean. We send our patients home with recovery skincare that will not only speed up the healing process but also reduce any appearance of scarring. The best part is that the recovery skincare included in the price of the procedure! Check-out our before & after photos!

What is the price of a mole removal procedure?
The pricing of our cosmetic mole removal procedure ranges from $450 - $600. Pricing depends on the size of the mole, where the mole is located on the body, and how many moles you are planning to get removed. Book a consultation with our surgeon to get exact pricing and to assure that your mole is cancer free and safe to remove! Give us a call today if you are looking for mole removal in Anaheim: (949) 264-0992