If you need skin tag or mole removal in Costa Mesa, you have come to the right place! Costa Mesa, CA is a beautiful city in the Orange County area. Costa Mesa is the perfect destination for all! From art exhibits, shopping, delicious dinning and stunning beaches, it’s fun for everyone. At Mole Removal Orange County, we are grateful to treat the community of Costa Mesa for Costa Mesa Mole Removals. Visit our clinic and get your mole or skin tag removed with medical professionals. If you are interested in getting Mole Removal in Costa Mesa, call us today to schedule an appointment with our surgeon, (949) 755- 0189.

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mole removal costa mesaMoles, commonly known as nevus, are clusters of pigmented cells that appear as small, dark spots on the skin. They can range in color and size, usually being brown, tan and black. Moles can be flat, raised and their size can vary from tiny pinpoints to larger, more noticeable spots. Atypical moles, also known as dysplastic nevi, are larger, irregularly shaped with varying shades of color. Inherited moles are present from birth, but you can also develop moles throughout adulthood due to factors such as sun exposure. For the most part moles are safe, but it is important to monitor them for any changes that could indicate a potential health concern, such as melanoma. Irregular moles can be asymmetrical and have a variation of color or an odd texture around the mole. If you have concerns about a new mole on your body, reach out to us and our board-certified surgeon will carefully assess the skin lesion.

Our Costa Mesa Mole Removal treatment is a perfect solution to safely and effectively remove suspicious moles. Don’t risk the chance of a mole becoming cancerous. Instead get it treated with the highest care and precision at Mole Removal Orange County. Our clinic is devoted to mole and skin tag removals, so we have treated moles of all shapes, sizes and on all areas of the body and face. The technique used at our clinic is unique and the best one out there. We use radio frequency ablation to remove moles and skin tags, which is like a laser. This technique allows our board-certified surgeon to remove the mole effectively and precisely. This makes for long-lasting results and little to no scarring. You will not have to come back for various sessions. This is the perfect mole removal procedure, especially for a mole located on a prominent location, like the face. Nobody wants to get a mole removed only to be left with a huge scar! If you are interested in getting Mole Removal in Costa Mesa, call us today to schedule an appointment with our surgeon, (949) 755- 0189. You can also text us a picture of your mole and we can give you an estimate over the phone.