affordable mole removal faceMoles are skin growths that grow in clusters, can be raised or flat and vary in color from black to brown. Moles are extremely common, in fact it is normal for adults to have anywhere from 10-40 moles by adulthood. Moles can grow anywhere on the body, the most common places moles appear are on the face, neck, underarms and back. If you have a bothersome mole you would like to remove, we highly suggest you visit a board-certified surgeon. At home remedies for mole removal can be very dangerous. They can lead to infections, severe scarring and have the potential for growing back. Mole Removal Los Angeles is a medical clinic that specializes in mole and skin tag removals. Our mole removal procedure is better than other types of procedures commonly used at cosmetic clinics, such as freezing off a mole or shaving a mole off. Our surgeons remove an unwanted mole by using a radio ablation tip. This machine removes the mole at the root, allowing for a more precise and scarless removal, compared to a laser or freezing the mole. If you are interested in a mole removal on face appointment we have three clinics in the Orange County area you can visit. Call today to schedule your mole removal on face appointment (949) 755-0189

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We use the most advanced medical technology and skincare to treat our patients. Our medical grade skincare and state-of-the-art technology work together to make sure any scarring from our treatment is minimal results may vary). Call today to schedule your mole removal on face appointment (949) 755-0189. We suggest you visit our Instagram for before and after images of mole removals on face (@moleremovalla).