Looking to remove that annoying mole on your neck? Moles and skin tags are extremely common and usually very safe. Removing moles and skin tags help enhance appearance, increase confidence and to decrease potential skin cancer risks. Cancerous moles will vary in how they look but some characteristics you should keep an eye out for is if the mole is a pink or red, if the mole is irregularly shaped and if the mole has an odd texture. At Mole Removal Orange County you will always meet with the surgeon who performs the procedure for a consultation. This way the surgeon can rule out cancer and make sure that you are a candidate for a neck mole removal. If you have a mole on your neck and you want to get it removed, call us today to schedule your appointment: (949) 755-0189

Learn More About Neck Mole Removal

removing mole on neckTraditionally a mole removal procedure meant shaving off or cutting a mole to remove it from the skin. Here at Mole Removal Orange County, we have found a better way to remove moles. We use radio frequency ablation to remove moles at the root which leads to minimal to no scarring and long-lasting results. Neck mole removals are always performed by our board-certified surgeon, not by a medical assistant. Our surgeon is an expert at carefully removing moles to boost one’s confidence and for better health. We are currently offering a summer special, $50 off all mole removal procedures.

Our neck mole removal procedure is fairly quick and painless. We use a tiny needle to inject anesthetic to the area of the mole or skin tag removal. This way you can sit back and relax as the surgeon precisely removes the unwanted mole. Patients are usually done with the procedure within 20-30 minutes and sent home with recovery skin care creams to speed up the healing process. The cost of our mole removal and skin tag removal procedures are usually between $400 – $600, depending on the amount of moles you are getting removed, the size of the moles and the location. Unfortunately, insurance does not cover cosmetic mole removals, but we try our best to offer affordable services.

Call today to book an appointment (949) 755-0189. Make sure to check-out our before and after pictures on our website!