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Mole Removal Newport Beach, CA

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Are you looking for mole removal in Newport Beach?

Our state-of-the-art medical clinic in Newport Beach is staffed by skilled and knowledgeable surgeons who specialize in the removal of any unwanted moles, skin tags, or other skin lesions. We want all of our patients to discover their best skin and regain confidence.

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Our mole removal Newport Beach location will feature the latest and greatest medical technology and board-certified surgeons. Our office is so excited to serve the people of Newport Beach and become involved in the community! The team at our Newport Beach location is experienced and has vast knowledge in this field, allowing all of our patients to rest easy knowing that they are in capable hands.

Each consultation and procedure is with a doctor, never a physician’s assistant or nurse. The doctor will take their time explaining the procedure in its entirety while answering any questions the patient may have. We are grateful to have access to the latest cosmetic technology to remove any unwanted moles, skin tags, and other skin lesions. This is a simple yet precise treatment that greatly minimizes the chances of scarring and there is no down-time following the procedure. When you make an appointment for our Newport Beach office, you can rest assured that you are being treated by knowledgeable and talented surgeons.

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Mole Removal Newport Beach

Mole Removal Newport Beach FAQ

Why do moles develop?2023-11-14T04:06:25+00:00

The development of moles is often influenced by genetic factors.

Can I remove a mole at home?2023-11-14T04:06:05+00:00

Attempting to remove a mole at home is not recommended due to the risk of infection, scarring, and incomplete removal. Mole removal should be performed by a qualified healthcare professional to ensure safety and effectiveness.

What exactly is a mole?2023-11-14T04:05:21+00:00

A mole is a cluster of pigmented cells that can appear anywhere on the skin. They are usually brown or black and can vary in size and shape. Most moles are harmless, but changes in color, size, or shape should be monitored.

All of our patients are given a thorough examination and skin cancer screening to rule out any health complications before treatments begin. Most moles are 100% safe to remove and cancer-free but we prefer to be sure. Our board-certified surgeons have 20+ years experience in the medical field and will go over any and all treatment options.

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mole removal newport beach

Every appointment is with a doctor

Consultations and procedures are always performed by a surgeon. You can even opt for same-day removal of your mole, skin tag or skin lesion. You’re in safe hands with our team!

scar free mole removal newport beach

Painless treatment with scar-free results

Our latest medical technology allows us to perform precise procedures that are quick, efficient and produce little to no scarring with no downtime. You can return to work the same-day!

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