If you are looking for a mole removal, skin tag removal, or skin lesion removal procedure that is safe, effective, and scar-free, you have come to the right place! Aliso Viejo locals, we are here to help you feel more confident and beautiful! Here at Mole Removal Orange County, we specialize in mole removal, skin tag removal, and skin lesion removal procedures. We have three medical clinics in the Orange County area. Our Laguna Niguel clinic is only a 5 minute drive from Aliso Viejo, making it convenient for Aliso Viejo mole removals. If you need mole removal in Aliso Viejo, give us a call today! (949) 674-4115

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Our board- certified surgeons perform these procedures several times a week all over the body. So if your mole is located on your cheek, leg, or underarm our surgeons are capable of removing them. Our board- certified surgeons like to meet with the patients first in a consultation, rather than going straight to the procedure. This way they can assure the mole, skin tag, or skin lesion is safe to remove and can answer any questions or doubts the patient may have. We use the most advanced medical technology and skincare to treat our patients. Our medical grade skincare and state-of-the-art technology work together to make sure any scarring from our treatment is virtually invisible and nonexistent (results may vary). We follow a tiered- pricing structure, the more moles or skin tags you get removed the less the cost will be. If you decide to get the procedure done, the cost of the consult will be accredited to the procedure. Call us today to schedule a mole removal Aliso Viejo appointment (949) 674-4115. Make sure to check out Instagram (@moleremovalorangecounty) for before and after photos.