If there is anything that has been a constant theme throughout the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is the importance of self-care and prioritizing your own health. We have seen shortages of vitamins and immune supplements and posts calling for regular practices of self-care to preserve mental health. Through all of these calls to action and the reinforced promotion of personal health, it only proves that stepping up your self-care routine and your daily care routine is not selfish but instead it is necessary. 

Stepping up your care routine is easy and can be done in practically a weekend. Everyone’s body, skin, and hair are different so this should be taken into consideration while finding what products work best for you. The easiest thing to do is start taking a multivitamin supplement. These are usually full of nutrients that we may not be getting from our daily meals and habits. Local grocery stores and large department stores typically have a wide array of vitamins for affordable prices. Another addition you could take is the use of a hair oil or similar hair products. Hair oils and hair masks help hydrate the hair and allow it to feel moist and repair any damage throughout the week. A good way to try out a new hair product is through extensive research and searching to see if the product comes in a travel or trial size. This allows you to try out the product without being stuck with paying too much for a full-size product that may not work for you. 

Finally, a face mask is a self-care staple and are found in abundance nowadays. However, not all single-use disposable face masks can be trusted. Everyone’s skin is different and only you know what will work for your skin. Similar to searching for new hair care products, it is best to do your research when looking for an effective face mask for your skin. Multi-use face masks can actually be relatively inexpensive and tend to have better ingredients than single-use face masks. Figure out what your skin needs and if you are trying to prevent or treat anything specific, then research from there. 

Stepping up your self-care and daily care routine do not have to mean spending your entire life’s savings. Even making small changes and new additions to your care routine can bring you big changes. Continue to eat a balanced diet and drink plenty of water while taking care of yourself and your body will thank you.