Happy Spring! As we enter a new month and new season, this can be the perfect time to start fresh and bring some new life into your place. You can do this by buying and planting succulents or other small house plants. Most house plants are easy to take care of, even for the novice gardener. Below are some plants and flowers that are easy to maintain and bring the perfect splash of spring to your living area.

  • Succulents: These are typically small and drought resistant, so they need very little water. Succulents are affordable, easy to take care of, and a good starting plant. They do great in a sunny spot inside and given just a little bit of water every couple of days.
  • Jade Plant: Similar to succulents, jade plants do not require a lot of water. These are taller and have round leaves, allowing them to hold water for weeks at a time. If you travel often, water them a little bit before your trip and then again when you get back.
  • Peace Lily: If you tend to overwater, Peace Lilies are a great plant because they enjoy the extra water. When given plenty of water and a healthy amount of sunlight, they bloom beautiful white flowers that won’t clash with almost any decor.
  • Kalanchoe: A colorful succulent plant blooms with little water and provides a splash of color anywhere in your home. They are resilient through warm climates and dramatic temperature changes. They are great for those who want a succulent plant with some color.
  • Thanksgiving or Christmas Cactus: While not as prickly as standard cactus, it behaves the same. That is to say, it can be planted, watered, then left alone for weeks at a time. With small helpings of water occasionally and fresh air, a Thanksgiving or Christmas Cactus can bloom vibrant white, purple, and pink flowers.

Should none of the above plants work out for any reason, there are always real-looking fake plants that are sold at a number of various stores. You can sometimes find a pack of succulents and individual larger fake plants that can be placed around your home without fear of them dying. These plants can be placed on your desk, table, by your sink, almost anywhere, and still provide you with a little slice of spring in your home. We hope these plant suggestions and tips make it easy for you to experience spring for longer than three months.