January 2021

Does the skin tag removal procedure leave a scar?


We use a state- of- the- art medical technology that results in minimal to no scarring. We also send our patients home with recovery skincare that prevents any kind of scarring. In most cases patients do not have a visible appearance of a scar!

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Does insurance cover the procedure?


Most insurances do not cover cosmetic skin tag removal. Instead, our team works hard to provide affordable healthcare and puts together package prices for you! During your consultation our medical team will give you a treatment plan price breakdown.

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Can I remove my skin tag at home?


Removing skin tags at home is not recommended and could sometimes lead to more problems than solutions. When removing skin tags at home, there is a risk of infections due to the chances of bleeding while removing it. Come visit one of our board-certified surgeons who have years of experience in removing skin tags. The [...]

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How do you remove the skin tag?


The skin tag removal procedure is quick, easy, and non-invasive. Our team uses the latest medical technology to remove the unwanted skin tags. This state-of-the-art technology allows for a precise and nearly scarless procedure, unlike outdated treatments such as shaving or excisions. Overall the procedure can range from 20-40 minutes.

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Which locations offer skin tag removal?


Skin tag removal is available at all of our locations! We have 3 offices in the Orange County area at Newport Beach, Irvine and Laguna Niguel. We are also proud to have 3 clinics in the Los Angeles area: Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and Sherman Oaks. For Appointments at these locations, visit www.MoleRemovalLosAngeles.com. And, last [...]

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