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Mole Removal Before & After

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Our patients are consistently happy with their Mole Removal and Skin Tag Removal results. In fact, most of our patients remove multiple moles during their appointment. While most patients remove moles from their face and neck area, our surgeon is able to remove moles and skin tags from most anywhere on your body. It is quite common for patients to remove moles from their under arms, torso, chest, arms, legs and more! Wherever your mole is located, our surgeon is able to use our advanced minimally- invasive technique that minimizes scarring. Our technique requires only one 30-60 minute appointment and our surgeon removes the root of the mole, ensuring the moles does not grow back in 99% of cases. We invite you to come and meet our doctors and medical staff. We would love to answer any questions you may have and help you feel your most beautiful, confident self!

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“I started off removing one mole on my chin. I waited four months to see how it healed and the results were amazing! You can’t even tell anything was there. Since then, I’ve returned to the Mole Removal Orange County medical clinic to remove more moles!” – Patient from Orange County

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