A majority of our patients decide to remove their mole and skin tags due to cosmetic reasons while others decide to remove them due to the uncomfortability of having a mole or skin tag in a bothersome location. Whatever your reason maybe for wanting a mole removal or skin tag removal treatment, we are here to help. When removing your skin lesion at our clinic rest assured that it is 100% safe. We work with a board-certified surgeon that has over twenty- years of experience in the medical field. He will examine and diagnose the mole or skin tag before beginning any treatment. We always conduct a thorough examination and if the mole is suspected of being cancerous, our surgeons will refer you to a specialist, which is a rare case. We use a state- of- the-art medical technology to precisely remove any skin lesion with minimal to no scarring (results may vary). We do not recommend any outdated treatments such as mole shaving or excisions. These types of treatments tend to be highly invasive and leave scarring. We also do not recommend using any at-home treatments when it comes to removing moles and skin tags. Removing moles at home can be dangerous, they often lead to infections and severe scarring. Some of these at-home remedies may not be effective at all. If you are interested in a safe, effective, and scar-free mole/ skin tag removal treatment then schedule a consultation with Mole Removal Orange County. (Results May Vary).