We are excited to extend our services to the great people of Riverside County! Mole Removal Orange County is a short hop skip and a jump away from Riverside making it extremely convenient. Whether it’s just you or you bring along your family or friends, you can easily make a fun day out of visiting our Newport Beach office. If you need skin tag or mole removal services, call us today to schedule your appointment! (949) 755-0189

Newport Beach is a great spot to take a breather and have a day to yourself. From the breathtaking beaches to the shopping opportunities, it is a fun place to spend the day! We are lucky to have our office right on the beach and be able to breathe in the fresh ocean breeze. Also, if you are looking to do some shopping and freshen up your wardrobe, we happen to be right across the street from Fashion Island. Fashion Island is a large area full of different kinds of retailers, from big-name clothing stores to local Newport Beach boutiques. While the doctor will advise you to cover the area and protect it from the sun following your treatment, you are still able to return to normal activities that same day.

Learn More About Mole Removal Riverside, CA

best mole removal riverside caHere at Mole Removal Orange County, we are proud to be able to serve the people of Riverside. We have two other locations besides our Newport Beach office that are just as easy and convenient. Our other offices are located in Laguna Niguel and Irvine. Also, if you are more comfortable, we are offering virtual consultations through our Irvine office for those that would prefer to only come into the office for the quick 30 minute treatment. Thankfully, it is only about a 30 to 45 drive from Riverside to our offices in Orange County making it relatively easy to get to. On that same note, though, we are more than happy to offer $100 off of the consultation fee for those that drive from Riverside for mole removal or skin tag removal as a way to offset any inconvenience the travel could pose.

As we look to serve the people of Orange County, we look forward to helping those from Riverside! We are happy to offer a discounted rate for the consultation fee for those that travel to Orange County from Riverside. If you need skin tag or mole removal services, call us today to schedule your appointment! (949) 755-0189